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    Fort Knox, KY - In Processing

    All soldiers who are being permanently assigned to Fort Knox must report to Bldg 1384, Vine Grove Road, One Stop Processing Center. You may sign-in in Civilian clothes, but when you come back to One Stop for your inprocessing appointment you must be in BDU or Class B uniform. If you have a sponsor, contact him/her and let him/her know when you are arriving. This will be especially helpful if you need transportation. The One Stop building is open from 0700-1630 Monday through Friday. All personnel register for housing during their inprocessing. This applies to Family Housing and Transient Housing. If you plan to live off post, you may go to the CHRRS office located in Bldg 1383 before you sign in to inquire about off post housing.
    Bring all pertinent documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, copies of orders, medical and dental records and financial paperwork to check in. In-processing will involved four training events. A computer generated appointment slip will be given to each soldiers to attend the ACAP briefings, a copy will be sent to your case manager. Contact your individual units for more specific information. In-processing at Fort Knox must be completed in uniform.